Amsterdam won against Probuild Lions for the third consecutive time.

CTO wins in Landsmeer CTO Amsterdam won against Probuild Lions for the third consecutive time. In Landsmeer both captain Molly McDowell and coach Laki Lakner picked up early technicals that ultimately cost them the game.

In the first quarter Molly McDowell took her team by the hand and was all over the court as CTO wasn’t able to stop the experienced allrounder. As she picked up her third foul in the end of the quarter she was T’d for her reaction, forcing coach Laki Lakner to play talented Beau Baars who opened quite solid. In the break between the first and second stanza Lakner got a technical himself, prompting Isabella Slim to tie the score for CTO.

It was a momentum shifting event in the game that featured great parts as well as dissapointing moments such as the injury Sanne van Dongen suffered as she hit the floor after a rebound situation. Baars got even more minutes in which she showed nice touch from outside. For CTO Laura Cornelius once again played the point like an emerging international superstar, while Isabella Slim was back on her leading form on her way to ending as CTO’s leading scorer while grabbing rookie of the week honours.

At half time the Lions were still ahead 37-33 but CTO managed to control the boards after the break and turned around the game because they managed to contain Katie Bussey a little more. The American guard needed more shots for her points and Lions comitted turnovers that led to easy baskets for the guests. The extended to lead in their final quarter to 52-63 but till Lions were in the game. They even managed to pull back within 4 points with three minutes to play. Laura Cornelius was solid on the line for CTO in the final minutes to secure the win.

Probuild Lions: Bussey 25 points, McDowell 17 points 5 rebounds CTO: Slim 19 points 7 rebounds 4 assists; Cornelius 18 points 6 rebounds 4 assists; Essenstam 16 points, Hof 14 points 10 rebounds; Bettonvil 10 points 10 rebounds;